Thursday, 17 November 2011

Unexpected Arrival.

I have two cats, Fahrenheit and Celsius. Here they are:

Now, they're about...8-9 months old now, and haven't been fixed yet. YES I KNOW, they should have been done by now but as they're indoor cats and I've been trying to find an appropriate time to actually be driven to the vets, I haven't been able to have it done yet. Not that I thought it would be a problem, since we don't have a tom cat in our family, and as I mentioned earlier, they've never been outside.

Fahren did go into a heat cycle a few months back, but none of us thought anything of it. We did think that she was having a phantom pregnancy the last week or so, since she suddenly started acting pregnant but as far as we knew, she hadn't bred with anyone. (my mother was joking around that she was having my dog's secret love child, since he's gotten into a rather strange...humping the cat habit...lately). She hadn't displayed any other pregnancy symptoms or even looked remotely pregnant until the past week.

Now last night, she was acting strangely again, which we didn't think anything of. Making weird faces and sleeping in the buffet cupboard. We just left her there for the night.

And then I get woken up at 6 am to a panicked mother because both cats are eating at their food bowl and there are strange squeaking noises coming from the cupboard. I come out, open the door, and lo and behold:

And thus, the Chat of Liddell did Ooh and Aah over Kelvin the Great
Surprised? Yes we were. Fortunately she seems to be handling being a mother well and hopefully the kitten, named Kelvin by Detonating Ducklings, NotSoVertical, AuNatural_AL and Now THAT'S A Trot and others survives.

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